short version:

hi, my name is momme, i am the drummer! (...and that’s my real name, i promise! :))


long version:

born in 1981, i lived in husum (small town near the danish border) for the time i went to school. getting startet with some first snaredrum lessons at the age of 5, i got my first drumset when i was 8 years old (not sure if my parents knew what they've done). the guys from school told me to spend more time in school + homework than in music... well, they were right - but on an impossible mission!

after spending two years with the german navy band in kiel / baltic sea i signed on at university for music and drama hannover. trying to become a teacher (sports & music) for the first 18 month finally ended up in the decision to study drums...

from 2005 on i am working in several teaching positions, had a lectureship at university and at musiccollege, based in hannover / germany.

but on stage is where i can feel my heart beat! no matter if it is a small club or the big open air festival. 

as an independent drummer i'm working with several bands and artists, such as:

David Hasselhoff, Toni Christie, David Garrett, The Baseballs, Nino de Angelo, Peter Kraus, Marquess, Pee Wee Ellis, Herb Geller, Joo Kraus, Wolfgang Schlüter, Gregor Hübner, Wolf Kerschek, Peter Herbolzheimer, Nene Vasquez, Bo Heart, GSO, Regy Clasen, Osssy Pfeiffer, Marcello Rota, Reto Parolari...

in lovely countries like:

Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, United States, Venezuela, Colombia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Czech Repulic, Poland, Great Britain, Scotland, Austria...


if you need a drummer for studio, live or whatever - feel free to contact me!

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