news: i am the drummer in the backing band for diana babalola !! 

check out her website and facebook-page !

we will play our first official showcase on 7th of may, so right now we are busy to set up everything, preparing for the show. tickets: click here

there are more news about my rock band ignore the sign (ex osssy) 

we present a rock show called saviours of rock on 13th of may.

get your ticket now!

welcome 2016! 

between christmas and new year's eve i took the time to let a dream come true: i built my own mommeboe custom snare drum! >soundfiles :)

with my band osssy new things are going to be announced on 1st of febuary - check our facebook site for upcoming news! #mehrbrettnummern

only a few weeks have passed since my last update, but a whole bunch of things happened during this time. the "glühwein-season" has arrived in germany, we have been in the studio with diana babalola for recording two songs and i have started a new teaching position at hannover musicschool.

live update: next weekend the band marquess will take me to a television show in st. anton / austria along with other artists like david garrett, glasperlenspiel, hermes house band and anastacia. seems to be fun! :)

and we did a christmas-endorsment-fotoshooting for dixon drums. more to come on the dixon facebook page.

well, there is a name to remember: diana babalola ! we just had our first band meeting today and i can't wait to see what the future will bring. a lot of work lies ahead, so bring it on! :)

last weekend we did a video shot with osssy, including drone cam and all that crazy stuff. will let you know when there is a result to watch.

check out some new gigs in the "live" section...

summer has arrived and i am busy with exams at university and musiccollege. there are some nice gigs during the next weeks. hope to see some of you guys out there! 

there will be some upcoming news with my band osssy, will let you know here and on facebook. #mehrbrettnummern

welcome 2015! it's time for the musikmesse in frankfurt. after being on tour for the last three months throughout germany, it feels so good to sleep in my own bed. :)

meanwhile i am getting prepared for the upcoming european premiere of pietro e lucia in brussels / belgium. that is the biggest production i have ever played so far, more than 170 actors & musicians, including the czech national symphonic orchestra and the philharmonic choir brno (cz)

hello. back home from the motown tour, there is a lot of work to do in university and musiccollege. there will be a workshop for my drum students with the fabulous lars lehmann in december! check out his page, he is an amazing bass player!

last weekend i was in the studio for eureka's upcoming cd (progressive rock music). what a pleasure to work with the producer frank! 

well, a lot of things happened during the last few month. i had a great time in bad gandersheim @ the domfestspiele, doing the percussion part in evita together with my drum buddy kristof hinz! further i worked with a new project based in göttingen: more news to come in the future. and we did a wonderful masterclass & clinic with poogie bell at the musiccollege in hannover! what an experience!

right now i am on tour with the motown musical show throughout germany and switzerland. you might check upcoming shows in the "live" section.

from saturday, 5th of july, i will stay in sofia (bulgaria) for 3 days, hittin' it with osssy at the sofia-rocks open air festival!

check out the video trailer below... looks like a lot of fun :)

new gigs and motown shows for 2014 updated in the live area!

right now i am working on osssy's 2nd album serum 2.0 and preparing the open air musical season in bad gandersheim, playing percussion in "evita".

well, summer is over and here are the news for autumn and winter:

next monday the rehearsals for the upcoming tour with "motown" will start in amberg - we will be on tour throughout germany in september + october. check the dates!

at this point i would like to thank all of my students at musiccollege hannover who passed the exams last week. you did a good job during the last two years and it was a pleasure to have you around!

follow me on twitter to get the latest news and updates.

summer has (finaly) arrived in germany and there is s much work to do, so here are some news about what's going on:

in april and may i have been in berlin and essen, working on the great "motown - the legend" musical production. the cast was awesome and the band hot cooking - nothing more to say! check out if we will visit your city on our tour in september & october.

right now i am in bad gandersheim for "cabaret" and "maria, ihm schmeckt's nicht" at domfestspiele 2013. take a look at their homepage to order your ticket and get more informations.

musikmesse ahead!

the lovely guys from dixon drums give me the chance to perform live @ musikmesse frankfurt on next wednesday, 11:00 am on agora (main) stage. here is a quick link to the silverfox news blog. i am so excited and a little afraid at the same time, but i think it will be fun! thank you so much for your great support!

again, there will be added a bunch of shows very soon: 

like i did last year, i will be in bad gandersheim this summer, working on two open air musical shows with great artists and musicians. 

stay tuned...

ufff, thinking the year has just started, i wonder if i will have some holidays this year...

last week i got an invitation to work on a motown musical project - and for sure i'm going to do so. you can see the result in the live section, so take a look. some other productions may be anounced in the future as well, not quite sure what will happen.

on 10th of april i will play a 30 minute solo set at the musikmesse frankfurt on the agora stage for the company of dixon drums! just let me know if you are around, so we can get for a quick coffee...

happy new year, new gigs, new projects, new power, new luck...

hope you all startet well in the year 2013?! now here is a lot of work in progress, new band projects are ahead (some new gigs as well) and i'm looking forward to see some of you at the musikmesse in frankfurt.

the dvd from osssy - serum (live) is in the mix and i am working on a new album (and the following tour) with manoo. so there is more to come... stay tuned!

hey folks, what a night at the capitol in hannover yesterday! we played a fabulos show with oss(s)y and the audience was mind blowing...

now there is only a few days left til christmas and i am looking forward to see my parents to spend a great time with. all the best wishes for your christmas time and have a safe start in the year 2013!

wow, there's a lot of work to do during the next weeks!

we will start the rehearsals for the "serum" live show (14th of december) with osssy on friday 17th and the "date with god" tour with the living gospel choir lies ahead.

i have the honour to play a gig with brazzo brazzone and the world brass ensemble at the end of november and even the first half of december is full of teaching and rehearsing. stay tuned...

november lies ahead and there is a special concert i want to invite you:

on monday, 26th of november, the faboulus band "snarky puppy" (ny/usa) will stop by and play for you at musiccollege hannover. these guys are amazing!!

click here for more informations!

listen up, good things to tell: on december 14th there will be one single show with osssy at capitol / hannover. he performs his new album "serum", played by a great band and feat. some special guests! so for me, a long time dream comes true - i can share the stage with my professor and teacher from university: kristof hinz

make sure to be there if you're around! --> buy your tickets !!

hi folks, sorry that it took such a long time to tell some news here, but there have been some strange things goin on in the past. most of that was private, so nothing to be told on the www. but i am ok and a lot of work needs to be done!

we have started the next year of education at musiccollege hannover with some hot workshops & masterclasses and there are some interesting band projects ahead.

stay tuned on twitter if you like to... (or visit me on facebook ).

wow, that was a hot show at the theatre in hildesheim yesterday. ;) somebody thought about playing without our shirts... so i hope the girls liked it?! ...who cares, it's art!

there are some new gigs in the LIVE section, so check it out.

uhhh, hello homepage, long time no see...

i startet workin with my students at university, spent some wonderful days in the studio with manoo and had a great time on stage with my soulband soul control.

now i am preparing the songs for the musical open air session in bad gandersheim...

that was a long day at musikmesse frankfurt... had a nice meeting with leland sklar (phil collins) and an amazing dinner with the guys from dixon drums.

now working at the theatre for the full monty musical show and a nice unplugged gig with marquess on upcoming sunday...

looking forward to be at the international music fair in frankfurt on friday. good chance to meet some old friends, check out some new gear and drink lots of coffee... :-)

for sure i will visit the guys from dixon drums and paiste cymbals!

wow, that was an amazing weekend. played a lovely show with marquess in düsseldorf and spent some wonderful time in travemünde / baltic sea.

now gettin ready for the next gigs during march!

after some good exams my students made during the last week, we are now off from university for the next 5 weeks. next semester will start in april / auditions for freshmen are in june...

check out the hmtmh website (jazz, rock & pop) for further informations.

today my best friend from university christian zeiger (guitar) stopped by at the studio with his fender tone master amp - what a wonderful piece of equipment. we did some tasty guitar recordings and drank lots of coffee... thanks man!

01:00 pm, i just finished the recording session with my buddy claas on bass @ headphone studios. after several beers and some fine single malt yesterday evening it was much easier to get into that relaxed feeling - exactly what the song needed! :/

got a lot of phone calls last week - so there are some new gigs in the LIVE section now and i am very happy about an upcoming show with marquess in march!

vayamos compañeros...

today my friend marco heggen (marquess) visited me at headphone studios and we recorded some drums and percussions for his (maybe) upcoming solo-album.

will work on the drums-mix during the next days - what a fun!

wow! today i got a mail from silverfox drumsticks:

...and it's because of the promotion you give us via facebook, students, etc. THANK YOU for your support! we are very glad to have you on board and look forward to many more years together!

thanks dave, it feels so good to be a part of the silverfox-family!

tonight i will play percussions for fto bigband feat. regy clasen @ marlene / hannover. need some energy drink to reactivate my engine after teaching my students the whole day...

soundcheck, here we go!

getting prepared for my gig with regy clasen on wednesday. location is sold out and the songs are really cool. rehearsal with the fto bigband will be tomorrow so it's time to buy some new percussion equipment now...

back home from my travel to latin america & hawaii - what an amazing trip! we almost got shot by the police in acapulco during a naked swim in the night... thank god they took our money and let us go. :-)

have a look at my new friend's homepage, his name is bo heart and he joined us in mexico. he is a great piano player (working with xavier naidoo a.o.) and we had a wonderful time on tour.  

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